Audiobooks: the last step of your wellness routine

These, and more than 700.000 other titles, will give you the energy you need to face life, and the constant inspiration to build your path to well-being. And it will make Cicero proud.

Reading is good, everyone says that.
They have been telling us since childhood, all the way up to adulthood, without really explaining why. Simply, they say, it is good.

An explanation could be found in Cicero’s words, when he stated that "A house without books is like a man without a soul".
However, it is difficult to imagine Cicero with a pair of headphones and an audiobook in his ears, so perhaps it’s better to leave him alone for now (he will forgive us).

After all, do we really need someone to give us a list of good reasons why, when can we measure the effects of reading on our own?
Three immediate benefits:

1- It's good for your mental health - According to a 2006 study by the University of Liverpool, readers live longer, as reading helps avoid neuro-degenerative diseases.

2- It reduces stress - Numerous studies have confirmed that reading is a great stress reliever. In fact, to better understand the meaning of a text it is necessary to turn off the flow of one's thoughts. You immerse yourself in the plot of the story and escape from reality and the worries of routine.

3- It promotes sleep - While reading, muscle relaxation occurs and heart rate slows down; this is why it is good practice to read a bit before going to bed.

All very nice. If we had enough time.
Did Cicero have to run to the grocery store? Or calculate the unspeakable times of the dryer, before escaping to pilates? No?
Here you are.
Luckily, audiobooks are here to help: by downloading BookBeat, you can listen to a book during one of your thousand activities, even the most boring ones. It’s perfect for workout sessions or during the lunch break, while taking a walk, or a run at the end of the day. The possibilities are endless, and will really allow you to reconcile physical and mental well-being in a totally new way, without sacrificing one or the other for lack of time. Choose how much to listen, when, how and what, with three subscription plans according to your needs.

But what, for example, could you keep your ears busy with? Three books for every occasion you find on BookBeat.

  • Something motivational before the workout - "The voice of ice" by Simone Moro.
    The author, who has done 44 alpinistic expeditions, tells us everything of his "almost impossible" dream: the choice to face the highest peaks of the planet in the most hostile season, winter. For the first time in the history of mountain literature, this book was written almost entirely during the ascent to over eight thousand meters of Nanga Parbat.
  • Something energetic to listen to during the workout - “Small habits for big changes. Transform Your Life One Small Step at a Time” by James Clear
    In this bestseller, James Clear reveals the key to success and achieving your goals, from weight loss to building lasting relationships. A path built on small steps and new habits, to give the direction we want to our life.

  • Something relaxing after workout - "Myò" by Cloza Giuseppe
    We are surrounded by stress, expectations, conflicts. We live in a state of continuous emergency: whether it is economic, health, environmental or linked to a war ... There seems to be no room for serenity. How can we get out of it? An audio book that talks about the infinite power of the human soul. So deep it will take your breath away. So vast that it affects all aspects of life. Powerful enough to melt all fears.

    These, and more than 700.000 other titles, will give you the energy you need to face life, and the constant inspiration to build your path to well-being.
    And it will make Cicero proud.

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